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Waste handling

In 2020 AS "RĪGAS SILTUMS" has delivered waste to the following business companies engaged in waste collection, transportation and handling:

  • household waste – PS „LAUTUS VIDE”, SIA „Clean R”, SIA “Eco Baltia vide”
  • construction waste – SIA „Būvgružu pārstrāde”, SIA „Clean R”
  • metal waste – SIA „Tolmets RĪGA”, SIA “REFONDA”, SIA “7R”
  • wood ash – SIA „Clean R”
  • processed oils, oil products waste, used batteries, electric and electronic devices waste, elements containing mercury, luminescent lamps – SIA „Eko Osta”

At present contracts on waste handling are concluded with the following business companies:

  • SIA „Būvgružu pārstrāde”
  • SIA „Eko osta”
  • SIA „Clean R”
  • SIA “Eco Baltia vide”