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Principles of cooperation with the local community

JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" is the main heat supplier in Riga and is engaged in heat production, transmission and sale, as well as provides technical service of the internal heat systems of buildings of heat consumers. The mission of JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" is to supply safe, high quality, environmentally friendly and sustainable district heating to Riga, therefore, the corporate social responsibility forms the basis for all activities of JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS".

In the work of AS "RĪGAS SILTUMS" the cooperation with the local community. i.e. the residents of Riga is essential and it is implemented via services, communications, volunteers'  work, as well as by implementing the projects proposed by the staff members and support to the society.

In implementing sustainable development and social corporate responsibility towards the local community JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" complies with the following principles:

In the area of communication, JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" provides impartial, timely, useful and topical information to residents, thus allowing residents improving their quality of life. The communication implemented by the employees of JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" complies with the ethics and politeness standards. The communication implemented by JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" is aimed at ensuring transparency and openness regarding the company operations, and the confidentiality of the customer data is ensured in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

In the area of voluntary work, JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" focuses on youth by contributing its time and knowledge for educating young people regarding important heat supply matters, thus investing in its future employees or cooperation partners.

In the area of the aid to the society, JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" encourages its employees to feel responsible to the society and the environment in general, at the same time promoting the strengthening of the company values in daily work. The company only participates in events which comply with the company vision, mission and values.

JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" continuously analysis its impact upon the local community by utilising the following tools:

  • Free 24/7 customer hotline 80000090;
  • The form for submitting references available on the website of JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS";
  • By using the management control systems (for example, SAP, RIX);
  • By administering the e-mail and evaluating the complaints and suggestions received from customers;
  • By carrying out periodic customer satisfaction surveys;
  • By solving customers' issues personally at Riga City Customer Service Centre.