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International project STEP UP

JSC „RĪGAS SILTUMS" participates in the development of the plan "Riga city sustainable energy action plan for a smart city 2014 - 2020” in order to exceed the targets of Europe 2020: to improve energy efficiency and use of renewable energy resources by attaining an even bigger reduction of  CO₂ emisssions.

Under the leadership of Riga Municipal Agency "Riga Energy Agency" (REA) within the framework of the international project STEP-UP or "Strategic energy efficiency tools for city development planning ("STEP-UP")", Riga in cooperation with the European cities Glasgow (UK), Gent (Belgium) and Göteborg (Sweden) within the group of the first leading cities of the European 7th framework program for smart cities is reworking its Action Plan until year 2010 approved by Riga City Council in 2010 by expanding it and assuming new responsibilities aimed at approximating Riga city to the status of a smart city.

The project implementation is based on the building of the experience of partner cities in the area of energy planning which will be used as the basis for developing an easily integrated model for training other cities and transferring this experience.

It can be expected that the implementation of the planning model will provide a new stimulus for implementation of the European new energy policy, including by improving the security of energy supply of cities, cities regeneration and economic growth, thus shaping cities into great environment for daily life, work, studies and business.

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