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Environmental policy

The earth where we live and the air that we breathe is our wealth. We are responsible for ensuring that this place serves as a home not only for us, but also next generations.

One of the values defined for the operation of the JSC „RĪGAS SILTUMS” is preservation of the environment, smart and sustainable use of natural resources at the same time restricting the impact of harmful environment factors upon people and nature.

JSC „RĪGAS SILTUMS” is developing its environment protection policy on the basis of both the requirements of regulatory enactments developed by state institutions, and the financial management plan of the joint stock company for next 10 years, at the same time following the EU guidelines and implementing the requirements stipulated by the European Union regulatory enactments developed for contributing to the prevention of the global climate change.

Priorities set by JSC „RĪGAS SILTUMS” for minimising the environmental impact:

1) in core production:

Introduction of new technologies and upgrading of existing heat production equipment by using the best available technical means;
Reduction of heat losses by reconstructing DH networks;
Use of renewable energy resources for minimising greenhouse gas emissions from the use of fossil fuel;
Waste handling in as environmentally friendly manner as possible by expanding waste sorting and utilisation. Promotion of measures for minimising the amount of dangerous waste;
Supervision of use of natural resources and contribution to saving and preservation of natural resources;

2) in other areas:

Provision of free and open access to information about the environment protection measures implemented by JSC „RĪGAS SILTUMS” to employees, customers, controlling authorities and other stakeholders;
Improvement of knowledge in the area of environmental protection and creation of positive attitude by all employees towards the implementation of these ideas;

Reduction of the environmental impact caused by the company vehicles.