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Connecting to the district heating system

Become customers of JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS", connect buildings to the district heating system!


  • JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" offers profitable connection conditions and attractive service level. District heating requires minimum expenditure in comparison with initial construction costs of other alternative heat supply types, their further maintenance and service.
  • We are open and flexible. We solve heat supply issues and encourage exchange of experience. Our customers can reach us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by using the free of charge customer hotline 80000090.
  • Innovative and effective introduction of technologies, professional approach in order to attain defined goals, including the lowest level of harmful emissions and the highest fuel usage efficiency.
  • JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" provides secure and high quality heat supply to Riga residents, as well as the highest heat supply safety guaranteed by our technologies and modern heat equipment. This includes connection of several heat sources to the common heat network and rational connection of networks.
  • In the buildings connected to the district heating system individual automated heat substations provide the possibility of setting indoor space heating and hot water supply mode for a particular time period  as selected by the customer irrespective of ambient conditions.
  • JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" fulfils its promises and focuses on long-term operation, therefore customers can definitely rely on JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS".

How is it possible to connect to the district heating system?

The possibilities to connect a new or existing building to the district heating system are reviewed based on an application by the property owner or his/ her authorised person. Each application is reviewed individually and JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" experts, by clarifying all the information about the site, provide consultations regarding the connection conditions and other issues related with the site connection and signing of agreements.

The following needs to be done to enable JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" to assess the possibility of connecting a building to the district heating system:

  1. Technical Terms of Reference should be applied for and these can be received by the property owner or his/ her authorised person by submitting an application (see Forms) to JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" Chancellery (Cēsu iela 3a, Building 1) or to Riga City Customer Service Centre (Brīvības iela 49/53) for the elaboration of Technical Terms of Reference for  connecting the building to the district heating system of JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS".
  2. Based on the application, Technical Terms of Reference prepared by JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" Technical Department Connection and Design Group are issued (at Cēsu street 3a, Building 2, Office 310, telephone 67017385, 67017387, 67017328). The Technical Terms of Reference will contain all the information required for the development of the construction project of heat networks, for the provision of heat supply to the building.
  3. The construction project of the heat networks should be commissioned from a licensed designer or a design company. The construction project or other technical documentation should be elaborated and approved in compliance with the requirements of regulatory enactments regulating the construction.
  4. Following the elaboration of the Technical Terms of Reference, JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" experts will examine the actual situation and draft a letter of offer providing information to the customer regarding cooperation possibilities in construction of heat networks and the procedure of signing a long-term investment contract.

If you would like JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS"to participate in the construction of heat networks, an application (see Forms) for signing a long-term investment contract should be filled in and submitted to JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" Chancellery or Riga City Customer Service.

Ask JSC "RĪGAS SILTUMS" experts for advice:

District heating development and investment department by calling 67017254, 67017255, 67017256.

Technical Department, Connection and Design Group by calling 67017385, 67017387, 67017328.