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Aid to the society

The aid policy implemented by JSC „RĪGAS SILTUMS” is regulated by the Law "On Public Utilities Regulators".

The expenditure of the heat utility is balanced against the heat rate approved by the Public Utilities Commission.

Aid to the society has been defined as a sustainability priority by systematically and according to the principle of voluntary action involving company employees in various aid provision activities, in various areas and projects.

JSC „RĪGAS SILTUMS” has regular and long-term cooperation with the company trade union "Enerģija" in the implementation of the aid policy.

In compliance with Part Two of Section 27 of the Law (19.10.2000) "On Public Utilities Regulators", providers of public utilities are not entitled to use tariff revenue for covering costs related with their business activities or any other type of activities which are not directly related to the provision of the public utilities, including sponsorship, donations or charity. The restriction provided for in this Section is not applicable to the cases when the public utilities provider uses tariff revenue for donations to associations, foundations and religious organisations registered in the Republic of Latvia or their bodies which have been granted the status of the public benefit organisation in compliance with the Law on Public Benefit Organisations. The amount of donations is not included in the costs justifying the rate.

The company priority for providing aid: support to broad public groups aimed at minimising the social pressure, according to accurately defined criteria directly related with the provision of public utilities.

The trade union of the JSC „RĪGAS SILTUMS” in cooperation with employees of the company selects a support project where it gets involved based upon the principle of volunteering. Last year colleagues joined the project "For a Fed Latvia" (Food Bank) with a lot of enthusiasm.

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